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Terms & Funding

Key Terms explained

  • Funding Target: The total amount to be raised in this funding round.
  • Minimum: The lowest amount necessary to consider a funding round successful and to start user acquisition.
  • Minimum investor contribution: the minimum amount an investor needs to contribute.
  • Investor Return model: The duration of the investment period entered into, and the associated revenue the app publisher shares with investors.
  • Campaign Duration: The period of time that will be used on buying user for the app with the funding received.

App Facts

  • Category: The category the app is categorized in on the Google Play Store.
  • Google Play is the distribution channel for the app.
  • Business Model: The method the app uses to makes money for the purpose of revenue sharing on AI.C
  • User rating: The rating users have given the app on Google Play
  • Install tier: The range of installs of the app by users through Google Play
  • Monthly active users: The average number active users during the course of a month
  • Top geos: The countries in which the app has most users
  • Revenue to date: The revenue the app has generated using Calldorado technology

How the funds raised will be used

Once the fund raising round has closed the total amount of funds will be used for user acquisition for the app.

In essence, user acquisition is done via marketing efforts such as running mobile advertising campaigns, and works by identifying potential users either by their interests, social media group affiliations, likes, or online search activities. Users are then targeted with advertising for the app.

Our in-house growth experts manage all user acquisition campaigns using carefully planned and data-driven targeting strategies.