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Invest in apps you believe in!

Fund the growth of top apps & get prompt returns

How it Works

Select an app

Sign up as an investor on AI.C and select one or more apps from our carefully vetted list of apps to back.

Fund growth

Choose how much to contribute to each app’s growth. Our highly experienced growth experts will run all user acquisition campaigns.

Get a Share

Follow your daily returns and see your share of the revenue generated from the apps you have invested in from day one.

Why you should invest through AI.C

AI.C is a quick and easy way to buy into the fast-growing mobile advertising market.

As the only curated platform where you can share directly in the commercial success of apps, your investment is not tied up in equity. As a backer you benefit from prompt liquidity as a result of our favorable monthly payout terms.

No specific investment knowledge is needed. We do all the pre-screening and give you direct access to top apps that have undergone a thorough review.

AppInvestor.Club currently offers two investment models, a 1-year and 2-year option. For investments with a 1 year duration investor will receive 100% of the advertising revenue generated for the entire period. With the 2 year option investors will get 100% of the advertising revenue until the initial investment has been returned, and a 20% profitable return has been generated. After this the revenue share adjusts to a 50/50 share with the publisher for the remainder of  the 24 months.

How your funding will be used

The success of apps in the ever-expanding mobile market is not exclusively dependant on novel ideas or innovative functionality. The ability to reach users and make them aware of an app’s existence is what sets great & successful apps apart from great, but unsuccessful, apps.

The aggregate of all funds contributed to the growth of an app will be used to run one large-scale user acquisition campaign aimed at growing the app’s user base and increasing the app’s advertising revenue.

Our in-house growth experts manage all user acquisition campaigns using carefully planned, and data-driven, strategies.

User Acquisition works by identifying potential users either by their interests, social media group affiliations, social likes, or online search activities. Users are then targeted with advertising for the app. Once a user has clicked the ad, they are redirected to the app’s Google Play Store page where they can get more information on the app’s features and functionality, and ultimately download the app for use.

AppInvestor.Club charges a commission of 5% of the profitable return paid out to investors, however this commission will be waived for all investments made before 31 December 2017 (31.12.2017)