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How Listing & Investing on AI.C works

Listing Phase

1. App publishers looking for funding to grow their user base apply to list their app on AI.C.
2. Our specialist team evaluates the app from a user experience perspective,  checks the app's stability, performance, and user ratings.
3. The AI.C team then runs test campaigns for the app to ensure that user acquisition is a viable  option for growing the user base before it is listed.
4. On approval, the publisher defines the funding amount and submits their app’s funding pitch.
5. AI.C markets the app’s fundraising efforts.

Funding Phase

1. An Investor looking to financially back the growth of an app in return for a share of the advertising revenue browses all apps listed on AI.C and selects one or more apps to fund.

2. Investors decide how much they want to contribute to the apps fund-raising round and enter an agreement with the app publisher, and AI.C as facilitator.

Growth Phase

1. As soon as the minimum funding amount has been raised the AI.C User Acquisition team starts work on marketing the app and driving user base growth.
2. The User Acquisition period can range from one to three months, depending on the amount of funding raised.
3. Our User Acquisition team will start by analysing the UA market and checking performance before turning up the intensity and marketing the app full-throttle.

Results Phase

1. App publishers will see a rapid jump in their user base on the Google Play Developer Console.

2. Investors can follow their daily returns and see their share of the advertising revenue generated from the users acquired with their funding from the first day.

3. Investors get a share of the revenue based on the investment period and revenue split agreement outlined in their chosen Investor Return Model.

4. After the investment period and the subsequent revenue sharing commitment ends, the publisher will get 100% of the revenue generated by users acquired through investor backing.