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SMS Message

Old school messaging reinvented
Funding target €150.000

Minimum €48.000


Key Terms

Minimum investor contribution: N/A
User acquisition
Campaign Duration: N/A
Investor return model
Duration: N/A
Revenue share: N/A


App Facts

Category: N/A User rating: N/A
Operating system: N/A Installs: N/A
Play Store: N/A Monthly active users: N/A
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Why invest in SMS Message

One of the great things about SMS and messaging is that nearly all devices on the market are SMS enabled, making it the mobile feature that offers the broadest user base. Apps similar to SMS Message were among the best performers in the previous user acquisition campaigns here at CIAmedia.

We are excited to share our app’s success with funders of our upcoming user acquisition campaigns. The acquired users will be monetized by displaying mobile advertising in the app. Our previous campaigns have proven the success of this method - a typical return on investment was reached after roughly 6 months.

We will share the revenue generated from users acquired with your funds for 24 months. To be more specific, you will get 100% of the revenue until 120% of the invested amount has been paid out to you. Afterwards, the revenue share will be 50/50 - it is a truly attractive long term investment opportunity.

Our app story

One of the worst things that can happen to any smartphone user is that an app that stops working correctly, or completely changes user interface after software updates. And it happens a lot of times with a lot of apps. We wanted to provide a solution for those Android users who are tired of regular software updates and want to keep the old look and feel of their favorite apps.

Faced with the complexity of modern technology, users start looking for elegantly simple mobile solutions. Following the success of SMS from Android 4.4, we knew that to make big in the SMS market we need the user to instantly understand the app’s core features and see value in it. And this is how SMS Message, a smart messaging app, available on absolutely all Android devices, was born in August 2017.

The key was to create an app that has some real utility for users. And it seems that users love what we are doing. Considering the recency of the the app's release the results are no less than stunning - SMS Message has a solid 4.2-star rating on Google Play and is among the top ranked position of New Free Android apps in the communication category in Canada, Germany, France, Japan, the US (Source: Appbrain).

To further grow our app we are planning to run user acquisition campaigns. Since the beginning of the year, we have run over 15 successful user acquisition with similar apps with a typical return on investment after around 6 months.

Business model

SMS Message is a free app which generates revenue by displaying mobile advertising. After trying out several different advertising methods with other apps in our portfolio we learned that the mobile advertising SDK from Calldorado works best for us. Advertising on similar apps with the Calldorado SDK has already earned us EUR 222.600.

App ecosystem

With chart-topper apps like Skype, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, communication apps are now considered to be among the world’s dominant and competitive app categories. Mobile messaging apps are now more popular than ever as they add file sharing features, improve security and meet the demand for free mobile calling and texting services.

The amount of SMS and Messaging apps available in Google Play Store will overwhelm even the savviest smartphone user. Mobbo gives numbers: there are over 31.000 messaging apps and over 18.000 SMS apps in the communication app category on Google Play. However, the latest chat-based user interfaces in the instant messaging apps make it hard for users to understand all the possibilities available to them. The SMS Message will be appreciated for its ease of use.

The simplicity of old school text messaging is still a very attractive quality. The value of users nostalgia of yesteryear should not be underestimated. Great reviews on the Play Store and the organic growth of our similar retro app, SMS from Android 4.4, shows that people like apps with an old-school user interface.

Meet the app publisher: CIAmedia

We are a leading app publisher with a portfolio of over 80 revenue generating apps reaching over 100 million users worldwide. We have successfully built and optimized apps for over 5 years. We also acquire top apps from developers via our acquisition site to extend our fast-growing portfolio. To grow apps and revenue we run highly effective marketing campaigns for user acquisition. Founded in 2013 we are founder-controlled and privately held with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Michael Svendsen