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SMS from Android 4.4

Retro texting at its best
Funding target €120.000

Minimum €38.400


Key Terms

Minimum investor contribution: € 5 000
User acquisition
Campaign Duration: 1 - 3 month
Investor return model
Duration: 12 months
Revenue share: 100% of revenue


App Facts

Category: Communication User rating: 4
Operating system: Android Installs: 1 000 000 - 5 000 000
Play Store: Click here Monthly active users: 550 000
Business model: Mobile advertising (Calldorado SDK) Top geographies: US, Japan, Mexico
App publisher: CIAmedia Gmbh Revenue to date: € 222 600
App released: September 2013



Stable Performance

Excellent user experience

Good user ratings

Why invest in SMS from Android 4.4

At CIAmedia we have a strong track record of successfully publishing and monetizing apps. We have invested in the growth of SMS from Android 4.4 ourselves, but we want the app to grow even faster. This is why we invite you to fund user acquisition campaigns for SMS from Android 4.4 and share in the app’s success. The users acquired from your funds will be monetized the same way we have been monetizing our existing user base for a long time. With previous campaigns our return on investment was typically after around 6 months. We expect a similar result for future user acquisition campaigns for the app.

We will share the revenue generated from users acquired with your funds with you for 24 months. More specifically, you will get 100% of the revenue until 120% of the invested amount has been paid out to you. Afterwards we will share the revenue with you on a 50/50 basis. We truly believe that this is a very attractive investment opportunity.


Our app story

SMS from Android 4.4 is an easy to use, multi-format, messaging app to send SMS, pictures, voice messages, and videos instantly. The app delivers text messages directly via the mobile network, so no Internet or Wi-Fi connection needed. SMS continues to be immensely popular with users since not all mobile users have Internet access all the time, and need a service that delivers messages regardless.

We acquired SMS from Android 4.4 in June 2016 because we wanted to add a SMS based messaging app to our app portfolio. After fixing the bugs, improving the user interface, updating the design, and adding the mobile ad SDK from Calldorado, we launched a new version on Google Play. We continuously improve the app, and our latest updates ensured that the app works across virtually all Android devices.

We love the concept behind ‘retro messaging’. It’s simple, clean, and reliable communication - the way texting used to be. With SMS from Android 4.4 we aim to provide a complete communication tool for users who prefer traditional texting to instant messaging apps.

Immediately after the relaunch we saw a positive download trend, and with a 4-star rating we got immediate confirmation that users liked what we had done. Our customer support team takes pride in providing quick response to our app users’ questions and inquiries. The app is most popular in the US, Japan and Mexico.

To seriously grow the app we put a marketing budget behind it and started running user acquisition campaigns. We have run over 10 successful campaigns and all of them have paid off. Typically, we reached a return on investment after 4 to 6 months. Our app users are very loyal. SMS from Android 4.4 has over 500.000 monthly active users who generate revenue on an on-going basis.


Business model

SMS from Android 4.4 is free to users and generates revenue by displaying mobile advertising. We have tried several advertising methods and found that the mobile advertising SDK from Calldorado works best for this app. We have been monetizing the app exclusively with the mobile ad SDK from Calldorado and the app has earned us EUR 222.600 to date.


App ecosystem

Texting is one the most popular ways to communicate. In almost every country messaging apps are the most used overall. While Big names like WhatsApp, Messenger and Android Messages lead the pack, we are confident that SMS from Android 4.4 can penetrate the market and convert a fair share of the users.

With over 31.000 messaging apps and over 18.000 SMS apps in the communication category on Google Play (Source: Mobbo) users have a lot to choose from. However, these messaging (instant messaging) apps become useless without Internet connectivity. This is where SMS from Android 4.4 comes in, because it delivers messages (SMS) directly via the mobile network.

Additionally, the latest chat-based user interfaces in messaging apps make it hard for users to understand all the possibilities available to them. The simple versatility of old-school text messaging (SMS) is still very attractive. And the value of familiarity and nostalgia should not be underestimated. Great user reviews on the Google Play Store and the significant organic growth of SMS from Android 4.4 show that people like apps with a simple and easy interface.


Meet the app publisher: CIAmedia

We are a leading app publisher with a portfolio of over 80 revenue generating apps reaching over 100 million users worldwide. We have successfully built and optimized apps for over 5 years. We also acquire top apps from developers via our acquisition site to extend our fast-growing portfolio. To grow apps and revenue we run highly efficient marketing campaigns for user acquisition. Established in 2013, we are founder-controlled and privately held with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


Michael Svendsen