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Perfect for digital note-taking
Funding target €150.000

Minimum €48.000


Key Terms

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User acquisition
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App Facts

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Notes – the next generation of taking notes

Notes is a next generation note taking app which links notes and calls together in a powerful way.

Why invest in Notes

At CIAmedia we have a strong track record of successfully publishing and monetizing apps, several successful notepads being among them.

We have started investing in the growth of Notes ourselves, but we want to grow the app even faster. Now we offer the opportunity to be part of this growth by backing a user acquisition campaign for Notes. The users acquired from your funds will be monetized the same way we have been monetizing our other notepad apps (Notepad & Notas) for a long time. With previous campaigns our return on investment was typically after around 6 months. We expect a similar result for future user acquisition campaigns run for this app.

We will share revenue generated from users acquired with your funds with you for 24 months. More specifically, you will get 100% of the revenue until 120% of the invested amount has been paid out to you. Afterwards we will share the revenue 50/50 with you. We truly believe that backing Notes is an attractive investment opportunity.

Our app story

We launched Notes in August 2017 because we wanted to create a notepad app with a completely new approach. Notes is a next-generation note taking app which links notes and calls together in a powerful way. When the phone rings the app automatically shows the last note taken about the caller. Users can also directly initiate a call from a note and are given the option to take a note right after finishing a call.

The app is available in multiple languages. To increase download conversion rates we have localized the Google Play Store listing and images into 6 languages, since users like to read descriptions in their mother-tongue.

Currently Notes ranks in the top 5 Top New Free in communication app category in the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany, South Korea (source: Appbrain).

Notes has a fantastic 4.4-star user rating. The app is most popular in the Brazil, US, and the UK. Users tend to keep the app for a long time as they put personal content into the app. The app is most popular with 25-34 year-old males (source: Mobbo).

Notes is new to the market, but we have already run 8 user acquisition campaigns. Many of the campaigns that we have run for our other notepad apps in the past (Notepad & Notas) typically reached a return on investment after around 6 months. Notes currently has over 60,000 monthly active users generating daily revenue.

Business model

Notes is free to users and generates revenue by displaying mobile advertising. In contrast to other apps, we wanted to create a user experience where ads would not interfere with the user’s note taking. That is is why we only show ads after phone calls, where the user is also encouraged to take a note related to the call. In this instance the ad does not compromise the user experience. Given that users still make a lot of phone calls, we are able to generate about 150 impressions/ user/ month.

App ecosystem

Taking notes on your mobile is popular among users all around the globe. Note taking apps like OneNote by Microsoft, Evernote or Keep by Google dominate the marketplace. With over 10,000 notes taking apps in the communication and tools category on Google Play (Source: Mobbo) the competition is fierce. The offers range from very simple apps to highly complex multi-functionality notepads that can be a challenge to use. Most note taking apps monetize through advertising, but subscription fees and in-app purchases are also available.

Meet the app publisher: CIAmedia

We are a leading app publisher with a portfolio of over 80 revenue generating apps reaching over 100 million users worldwide. We have successfully built and optimized apps for over 5 years. We also acquire top apps from developers via our acquisition site to extend our fast-growing portfolio. To grow apps and revenue we run highly efficient marketing campaigns for user acquisition. Established in 2013, we are founder-controlled and privately held with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Michael Svendsen