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Note-taking made quick and easy
Funding target €150.000

Minimum €48.000


Key Terms

Minimum investor contribution: € 5 000
User acquisition
Campaign Duration: 1 - 3 month
Investor return model
Duration: 12 months
Revenue share: 100% of revenue


App Facts

Category: Tools User rating: 4
Operating system: Android Installs: 5 000 000 - 10 000 000
Play Store: Click here Monthly active users: 800 000
Business model: Mobile advertising Top geographies: US, Brazil, Germany
App publisher: CIAmedia Gmbh Revenue to date: € 334 648
App released: September 2013



Stable performance

Excellent user experience

Good user ratings

Why invest in our app

At CIAmedia we wanted to create a simple app which offers a valuable solution to those many modern-day mobile users who want apps that launch instantly when needed. A combination of simplicity of use, effectiveness, and user acquisition campaigns has always been the key to Notepad’s growth.

Since the app's launch, we have constantly worked on UX improvements. However, our most important decision was made in early January 2017, when we started running user acquisition campaigns, making sure that our app gets discovered by users that are looking for simple and instant mobile solutions. All campaigns have proven to be a success with a typical return on investment of around 6 months. We also saw a staggering 100% increase in monthly active users.

We invite you to fund our app’s user acquisition campaigns and share the revenue generated from users acquired for 24 months. You will get 100% of the revenue until 120% of the invested amount has been paid out to you. Afterwards, the revenue share will be 50/50. We truly believe that by backing this app we offer you an attractive investment opportunity.

Our app story

What we like about smartphones is the ability to jot down thoughts and ideas on the go. Even though we still love pen and paper for note taking, the ability to always fit a to-do list, shopping list, and all-important notes into one pocket sounds much better.

Notepad gives its user a quick and simple note taking experience. It is not only simple and easy to use but also comes with a to-do checklist which can quickly be shared via email, a search function, data backup, and restore features. The app is always at hand, since it lives on the user’s call screen making it easy to jot down notes, or search for old ones, directly after every call.

We know our app will always be relevant - people like apps that store data, helps them organize work, and let’s them follow the progress of tasks. This is why tool apps like Notepad have one of the highest retention rates among all apps. While many app categories experience a high uninstall rate, it is very significant that Notepad manages to keep a base of 800,000 active monthly users with our current install rate.

Business Model

Notepad is a free app, which generates revenue by displaying mobile advertising. After experimenting with several advertising platforms we learned that the mobile advertising SDK from Calldorado works best for this app. The Calldorado SDK has already earned us EUR 334,648.

App ecosystem

The number of note apps available in the Google Play Store can overwhelm even the savviest smartphone user. There are over 8000 notepad apps in the tools and productivity categories on Google Play. And, as in every category, there are some really big players; like Google Keep, Evernote, and Microsoft.

Despite the competition, our Notepad remains in the top positions on Google Play and nearly two-thirds of user ratings on Google Play are 5 stars. How can this be, you might ask? The newest and shiniest things can also be the most blinding, and most users simply want fast and easy solutions for quick note taking. Let’s face it – how many see value in complexity, especially when it comes to something as instant as note taking?

We work hard on making the experience better for our app users; the app is translated into 20+ languages, among others its Portuguese, Spanish, and German. This tactic has shown some great results - the app is widely popular in the US, Brazil, and Germany and it is most popular among 25-34-year-old men (Source: Mobbo).

Meet the app publisher: CIAmedia

We are a leading app publisher with a portfolio of over 80 revenue generating apps reaching over 100 million users worldwide. We have successfully built and optimized apps for over 5 years. We also acquire top apps from developers via our acquisition site to extend our fast-growing portfolio. To grow apps and revenue we run highly effective marketing campaigns for user acquisition. Founded in 2013 we are founder-controlled and privately held with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Michael Svendsen