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Call Blocker

Blacklist blocks interruptive phone calls
Funding target €120.000

Minimum €38.400

Key Terms

Minimum investor contribution: € 5 000
User acquisition
Campaign Duration: 1 - 3 month
Investor return model
Duration: 24 months
Revenue share: 100% until ROI + 20

App Facts

Category: Communication User rating: 4.18
Operating system: Android Installs: 5 000 - 10 000
Play Store: Click here Monthly active users: 7000
Business model: Mobile advertising (Calldorado SDK) Top geographies: US, South Africa, UK
App publisher: CIAmedia Gmbh Revenue to date: € 121
App released: August 2017






Why invest in Call Blocker - Blacklist

Call Blocker - Blacklist is a recently released app with a 4.18-star rating on Google Play, which is proven to be loved by its users. In less than a month after the app went live on Google Play, Call Blocker - Blacklist had 7000 active monthly users which are already generating revenue. Our vision is to grow Call Blocker - Blacklist and make it one of the premier apps in the call blocker space.


We are looking for investors to fund the app’s user acquisition campaigns and grow its user base. In return we will share the revenue generated from users acquired with your funds with you for a period of for 24 months. What you will get is 100% of the revenue until 120% of the invested amount has been paid out to you. After this target is reached we will share the revenue with you 50/50.


The app is new to the market, however we have tested several user acquisition campaigns. Most of the campaigns we run in the past for our similar two call blocker apps, Call & Block and Call Blocker, typically had return on investment after roughly 6 months. We expect similar results in future campaigns.

Our app story

Call Blocker - Blacklist rids users of unwanted calls, and allows them to easily reject and block spam calls, making sure they don't interrupt again. The app draws on a large database of numbers so that users always know who is behind an incoming call. Users can also blacklist numbers after which the app will automatically block unwanted calls.


We wanted users to be in complete control of the incoming calls; this led to one of the app’s unique features, which allows users to schedule a time-period for blocking specific numbers. To provide the best user experience for our global audience, we have translated the app into nearly 15 languages including Portuguese, Korean, and Russian.

Business model

Call Blocker - Blacklist is an app which works on a freemium model, and generates revenue from ads shown on the display screen, equating to multiple ad impressions for each user daily. In fact, the Calldorado SDK typically delivers around 150 ad impressions per user per month. We have already generated EUR 74,581 in revenue from our Call & Block app.

App ecosystem

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans received over 2.5 billion robocalls in April 2017 alone. The ever-growing flood of robo-calls encourages the development of call blocking apps. Currently there are 24,000+ call blocking apps in communication category (source: Mobbo). Regardless, Call Blocker - Blacklist remains among the top 5 Top New Free apps in the communication category in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom. The app is very popular among male users between 25-34 in the USA, Brazil and the UK. 70% of all reviews give the app a 5-star rating on Google Play.

Meet the app publisher: CIAmedia Gmbh

We are a leading app publisher with a portfolio of over 80 revenue generating apps reaching over 100 million users worldwide. We have successfully built and optimized apps for over 5 years. We also acquire top apps from developers via our acquisition site to extend our fast-growing portfolio. To grow apps and revenue we run highly effective marketing campaigns for user acquisition. Founded in 2013 we are founder-controlled and privately held with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


Michael Svendsen